Reserved Public Park Land Can Not Be Used For Any Commercial Purposes: Rajasthan High Court

By – Poorva Singh

The Rajasthan high court in the case of Suresh Thanvi v. State Of Rajasthan and Ors. has adjudicated in public interest litigation that any land reserve for public use such as public park shall be used for that purpose only and not for any other commercial purpose such as marriages, parties, cattle ranches or for any private purpose. No illegal construction in the public park which is public land shall be allowed and any illegal construction which has already happened should be demolished.

The petitioner also prayed to the court to direct the municipal corporations to do proper maintenance and development while also taking all the necessary covid measurements for the overall benefit of the society.

The court while dismissing the plea says that municipal corporation shall develop the park by tree plantation and also by installing an open-air gym in it.

The decision was given by a division bench comprising of Justice Vinod Kumar Bharwani and Justice Sandeep Mehta, Stating, “It is hereby directed that the respondent No.2 Municipal Corporation, Jodhpur shall ensure that the land in question shall be strictly used as a public park and no deviation shall be permitted in this regard. No commercial activities viz. marriages/ parties, etc. shall be allowed thereupon”.