Rape on the pretext of marriage: Allahabad High Court denies bail to a man accused of threatening victim to convert for marriage

By – Nancy Kumari

The Allahabad state supreme court has refused bail to a person indicted of violating a girl after promising to marry her and, later, allegedly obliging her to vary her religion as a condition for marriage. Rejecting the bail operation of Farhan Ahmad, alias Sanu, of Gorakhpur, Justice Om Prakash Tripathi said,” Considering the information and circumstances of the case, rival contention of learned counsel for the parties and perusal of record and considering the conspiracy of an indicted and heavy allegation of rape against the aspirant, at this stage, without opining on the graces of the case, I do not find it a fit case for bail.”The aspirant is in jail for offenses under sections 376 ( rape), 504 ( personality with intent to impress breach of the peace), and 506 ( felonious intimidation) of the IPC, besides sections 3 and 5 (1) of the province Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of faith Act, 2020. The FIR was lodged against him at the Ramgarh Tal police office of Gorakhpur. The plaintiff contended that the indictment blandished her into a physical relationship with a false pledge of marriage.” He latterly dragooned me to convert to Islam, hanging he wouldn’t marry me unless I convert,” she said. the girl also contended that she was stressed for her life. During the course of the hail, the counsel for the aspirant argued that the last word had been falsely intertwined which the connection was consensual since both the aspirant and also the plaintiff were grown-ups. He cited the written report of the girl, which mentions no external or internal injury on her body. The aspirant also failed to press the plaintiff at any point of his time to convert to Islam, the council said. The advocate appearing for the authorities submitted that sexual activity with the victim on the rationale of the false pledge of marriage should be treated as rape.”It’s a heinous crime against society and contains a long effect on the mind of victims. The victim should bear significant emotional trauma and physical suffering. sexual issues with the victim on the rationale of a false pledge to marry are, and must be an offense of rape under the correctional vittles effect on the mind of the victim.”While rejecting the bail plea, the court, in its order dated January 5, directed the court to conclude the proceedings within the case expeditiously, and rather within a time. The Court, still, directed the judicature to conclude the trial within the case expeditiously and rather within a period of 1 time. Lawyers Amit Kumar Singh and Satyendra Narayan Singh appeared for the aspirant.