After 150 Supreme Court Registry Officials, Staff Test Positive SCBA Urges Lawyers To Avoid Going To Court

By – Yash Rawat

The SCBA has advised the council not to approach the Supreme Court’s high-security zone, citing the fact that at least 150 Registry officers and staff members had tested positive for CoVID.

 Although there are no indirect proscribing attorneys from entering the high-security zone using Propinquity Cards as of now, SCBA Secretary Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad wrote to his members that it would be prudent to avoid doing so unless absolutely needed.

“I’ve spoken with the Registry Officers on the issue of entry of attorneys through commemorative/ pass system in the High-Security Zone and registry. They have not issued any similar indirect as of now and thus entry through Proximity Card will continue. I’ve assured you that we will be tone regulating and will take all the necessary preventative measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 contagion. Still, as we all know that further than 150 staff

. of the Supreme Court registry have been planting Covid Positive, I earnestly request all of you to avoid entering the high-security zone until veritably urgent as it may lead to stricter measures,” the communication says.

The register would also give hotline figures for contact in response to any query by January 10, 2022, according to the statement.

 have been advised that the enrollment would give hotline figures for contact in connection to any query by hereafter. It has been assured that the calls would be answered by registered workers, causing no difficulty to our members. SCBA EC wishes you good health and asks that you follow the Covid guidelines,” the communication continued.

 Likewise, beginning January 10, 2022, all proceedings will be heard in virtual form, with the Benches sitting at the domestic office, according to an indirect dated January 6, 2022

. From January 10, 2022, until further orders, only largely critical” mentioned” matters, fresh matters, bail matters, matters involving stay, detention matters, and fixed date matters will be listed before the Supreme Court.

Transfer desires and operations for impunity from surrendering shall be placed before the Regular Benches until further orders are issued, according to the indirect.