Sufficient Reasons Required To Recall Witnesses: Kerala High Court


On Friday, Kerala Hight Court stated that sufficient reasons were needed for allowing or accepting the plea in the sensational sexual assault case of Malayalam actor Dileep for re-examining witnesses.

Justice Kaiser Edappagath even asked how it affected the case and observed proper justification is needed to recall the case’s witness. Also questioned how the disclosure of Balachandrakumar, who is a friend of the actor as he claims would help the prosecution in the case. The actor is accused in the case of the sexual molestation of the actress and even in moving with the recording visuals on a mobile phone.

The High Court noted down that prosecution demanded the re-examination of the witnesses even after it was over during the case hearing. Why now only prosecution is raising such demand suddenly, the Court questioned as it caused the doubt among the opposite parties that its a trial to rectify the old failure.

The Court wanted valid reasons from the Prosecutions and considered the right of the accused along with the victim should be protected. The Court has restrained the order in the case filed by the State against the trial court approving to collect a confidential statement from director Balachandra Kumar, who made some disclosures, on January 12th.

The State government constituted a new team to investigate the case further. Reportedly, the new team will be headed by Additional Director General of Police Sreejith and with Inspector General of Crime Branch KP Philip. Deputy Superintendent of Police Baiju Paulose will continue as the investigator officer. The new team has been given charge of collecting evidence.

A few days ago, Balachandra Kumar had released audio recordings of people including actor Dileep trying to distract the case and obstruct the trial. He put many allegations related to the case, the important one that Dileep had seen the visuals of the assault before it was released before the court, despite being an accused in the case. The director stated that he discovered a close relationship between Dileep and the main accused in the case, Pulsar SuniSuni.

Finally nearing completion after five long years, the trial was about to complete but on 5th January, the State government moved the Supreme Court seeking an extension of the trial by six months after Balachandrakumar raised the aforementioned allegations against the Actor.