European Union is blamed by the UK as heavy-handed for the Brexit deal problem

By – Rhytham Jain

Brexit minister of Britain threatened to trigger a contentious break clause in UK’s divorce deal with EU. This deal of the UK changed the chilly relations into a deep freeze with European Union. David frost told in a meeting of the UK’s governing conservative party that the Brexit agreement which the UK is negotiating with the EU is undermining peace in the Ireland region and causing instability and disruption to all. He further added that unless there are major changes or amendments in the Brexit deal, Britain will invoke Article 16, which tells that either side can suspend the agreement in any circumstance but they should be unexceptional. Britain said that there is a threat before it but Frost did not pull the trigger. The crisis which is straining UK-EU relations stems from the trade arrangements for Ireland. The deal between both sides was struck before the departure of Britain which means customs and border checks must be conducted on some goods which are moving between both nations.

The rules are regulations are set with the aim to prevent goods from Britain from entering the EU’s tariff-free market along with keeping both the borders open between both the nations. This seems to be a key pillar of Northern Ireland’s peace process. But such checks have angered unionists of Northern Ireland who say that they are going to impose restrictions on businesses and weaken their ties with the rest of the UK. Britain’s government accused the European Union of being continuously purist in implementing the agreement which is known as the Northern Ireland protocol. Blaming this Brexit bloc as heavy-handed, Mr. frost said that the protocol is undermining Northern Ireland’s peace agreement of 1992. He further added that all are face instability and disruption in Ireland whether it is political parties or businesses. Then as a counterargument European union blames Britain for the disruption. Even after the PM of Britain Mr. Johnson’s vow to get Brexit done the rupture is roiling the economy as Britain tries to bounce back from the worst ever covid crisis.