Rocket company of Jeff Bezos accused of Toxic culture and safety issues.

By- Rhytham Jain

The employees of Jeff Bezos’s rocket company at blue origin say the company is rife with sexism and is unfair with those employees who contradict their boxes and are lax on safety. The company executive put some allegations of sexual harassment in an essay written by 21 employees and former workers of the company which is published on the website lioness this Thursday. The essay also suggested few safety measures about New Shepard, the vehicle which flew Bezos and 3 other passengers to space. In this essay, it was written by an essay that due to such safety concerns many of us would not take the risk of going into the space. But the company was enough lucky that no mishap happened with anyone. Alexander Abrams the essay writer was a former hear of employee communications at the blue origin. She was fired from the company in 2019 and again came into the limelight when she appeared on CBS mornings on Thursday and said that “they are incompatible”.  A statement was made by a spokesman of blue origin which says that Abrams was fired from the company for cause after repeated warnings for issues involving federal export control regulations. Whereas Abrams said that she had never received any warnings or reasoning from the company.

The spokesperson said that our company, blue origin, has no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind. We provide different and various amenities to our employees. The safety and security of all is our major concern. But if there is any report of misconduct is there, we will definitely investigate it. The company is always active to maintain its safety records and the New Shepard is the safest ever space vehicle. Jeff Bezos founded this company Blue origin in the year 2000.