Defence Ministry of Lithuania urges to throw away Chinese mobile phones.

By-Rhytham Jain

Cyber security experts of Lithuania urge its government agencies to abandon or throw away their Chinese mobile phones. They decided it after an investigation that identified the security concerns and security vulnerabilities with certain devices. The National Cyber security center of Lithuania said that it has found four major cyber security risks in the smartphone devices made of Chinese brands, Xiaomi and Huawei, which related to two pre-installed apps and one related to data leakage. 

Xiaomi smartphones which contents of 449 keywords in the Chinese language also carry the risk of possible restrictions on freedom of expression and the right to privacy. The cyber security cell had warned that the function can be activated at any time with or without the permission of the user. According to the report, apps receive an updated list of censored words and characters, and phrases and are capable of blocking them. The phrases like free Tibet, the voice of America, democratic movement and etc are included. Lithuania center inspected that the content filtering feature was disabled and no censorship was performed on smartphones. A spokesman of Huawei denied all such allegations. It denied allegations of privacy and censorship, they said that they complied with the privacy regulations of the EU.  The company denied all allegations and said that they do not interrupt anyone’s privacy.

The cyber security center also investigated other Chinese companies but did not find any problems. So the deputy minister of Lithuania said that we strongly recommend our citizens and especially government officials to not use such mobile phones which interrupts their privacy. More than 200 public servants are the user of Chinese mobile phones.

Earlier also US put similar allegations on Chinese mobile phone companies and said that these mobiles are connected with the people’s liberation army during the tenure of Triumph in the USA. All these controversies are arising between both the nations because they both have few conflicts between them.