Rivalries alleges that there is mass fraud in election results as the United party won elections with a massive lead.

By-Rhytham Jain

Opponent parties alleged Russian election authorities of massive fraud while conducting the elections after the party of Vladimir Putin, United Russia Party, won the elections with more than expected results. Till the time, a total of 99.9% of total votes were counted and it was declared that United Russia got nearly 50% of total votes and the second largest party is the communist party with only 19% voting.

This meant that the United Russia party will hold more than 2/3 of the total seats out of 450 seats in the lower house of parliament. The most vociferous critics of, United Russia Party, allies of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny were not allowed to take participation in elections after the court branded them extremist last June. The pre votes survey suggested that the United Russia party will see a reduction in the votes because of faltering living standards and corruption allegations.  In the last event of an election, the United party got 54% of the total votes in the year 2016.

For this election of Russia, many other countries commented on the conduction of elections. The USA said that the election conditions had not been conducive to free and fair proceedings. Britain called it a setback for democratic freedom. European union reported it as bloc noted of serious violations. More than 200 communist protestors gathered in Moscow for a demonstration.

Communist party candidate Valery Rash kin told the public that it is a disgrace and a real crime. He also said that we will protest till the results are not taken back of these falsified elections.  Lyubov Sobol, a Navalny aide, claimed that such a various number of violations of rules and regulations in elections cannot be recognized as clean and honest results. Allies of Navalny tried to drain support from United Russia with an online tactical voting campaign for which the concerned authorities tried to block it.

According to the head of the central election commission of Russia, Ella Pamfilova, the vote was clean and transparent. She also declared that if anyone has any doubts, she will review all the results.

In this regard, Vladimir Putin gave a short statement and only thanked the voters after the Kremlin hailed the winning results of the United Russia party.