Supreme court Says we are unhappy over Centre for making appointments in NCLT/ITAT from the waiting list and ignoring select list.

by Rhytham Jain

The supreme court of India criticized central government in the matter related to the filling up the empty seats in the Tribunals. A Three judge bench of Supreme Court led by CJI NV Ramana, Justice DY Chandra chud and Justice L Nageswara Rao expressed their dissatisfaction or unhappiness with the decision of union government in appointment to National company law tribunal and the income tax appellate tribunal from the wait list, not from the select list.

The bench said that the central government had picked few specific names from the select list prepared by selection committee of supreme court judges and picked few names from the wait list, ignoring other names of the selected candidates list.

Chief justice NV Ramana said that after analysing the selection list of NCLT, it can be observed that the appointment letter is given to only three people from the select list and others from the waiting list, where the total prescribed limit given by NCLT of appointments were 9 Judicial members and 10 technical people. He further told that in service law you cannot select or appoint people from the waiting list.

The honourable CJI further said that this same problem happened in the case of ITAT. He said judiciary is highly unsatisfied with such things and decisions of central government. He said it is like disrespecting supreme court and its judges because we select these people after deep analysis and interviews but after that government does not elect them and rejects them and appoints them whoever they want.

He showed his dissatisfaction with the decision of centre and said supreme court judges undertook elaborate exercise to shortlist such nominations but are efforts are going into vain. All the time is going waste. He said that, with such weird view of government it can be seen that there is no consistency in their work and they want to create trouble in such matters and wants to increase the work load of judiciary. It is very unfortunate which, the government have to realise.

The honourable supreme court bench said that it was very distressing that the centre was treating the recommendations of supreme court judges as disdain.

After facing adverse comments from the supreme court bench the attorney general of India said that the government is ready to reconsider this fault. Then he told the court that the central government will make all the appointments within next two weeks.