Human rights watch claimed Eretria and Tigrayan forces killed, raped refugees in northern Ethiopia

By Rhytham Jain

Eritrean soldiers and the Tigrayan’s militias raped, detained, forced and killed refugees in the northern region of Tigray, said by international human rights watchdog.

According to the report of Human rights watch dog detailed attacks around two camps in Tigray has rocked the horn of Africa. One camp is where forces have battled the Ethiopian government and second is where there is Eritrean allies are in conflict.  Thousands of Eritrean refugees live in Tigray region which is a poor province.

The director of Human rights watches for Horn of Africa region, Laetitia Bader said that such dangerous horrific killing rapes and looting refuges in Tigray are clearly war like crimes. A spokesman of Tigray People Liberation front said that such possible abuses are committed by local militias. He further said that the foreign investigators can verify and enter into Eretria for further investigations.

Much of the reports primarily focused on two camps only which are Shimelba and Hitsat which got destroyed during the fighting. While submitting the report to UNHCR, HRW reported that 7643 figures are still missing out of total 20000 refugees. UNHCR replied that it was appalled at this report of immense suffering in these refugee camps. Human rights watch reported that Eritrean forces killed the residents of Hitsat and pillaged and occupied their land/camps. This report said that the HRW has been unable to find out the extent that Tigray’s forces directly commanded over local militias operating around Hitsat. After the withdrew of Eritrean forces from Hitsat camp the Tigrayan forces returned back. but after the fleeing of the refugees from such destructive area they returned back to Eritrea because of severe food shortages. And some flew to the other southern camp of Adi Harush and Mai Aini. After there returning back also their ddestruction and killing was continue.

UNHCR told Reuters that we are very much worried for the current worst situation of over 20000 Eritrean refuges surviving badly in Mai Aini and Adi Harush camp in south of Tigray. It also mentioned that there are severe food shortage and scarcity of water and other needful things,

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