Harmilan Kaur Bains Bolts out of the shadow of her parents to break Sunita Rani’s 1500m record.

By- Rhytham Jain

Ms. Kaur felt like a weight had lifted off her shoulders when she break the two-decades-old national record of 1500 meters at the 60th National Open Athletics Championship in Warangal. While giving the interview she said she was having her parental pressure as they both were like a constant shadow because they both are former athletes. Her father specialized in 1500 meters and her mom is an Asian Games silver medal winner in 800 meters.  They were like managers of her life.

This time Miss Kaur traveled to Warangal on her own. Her father reached there two days later. She further said that her coach was also under pressure that if I will not win anything in this, the coach would be asked for the failure from different dignitaries.  

Her coach Suresh Saini also told her parents that please stop monitoring her and don’t affect her mind, which can affect her goal.

But after her winning a gold medal she did not listen to any unsolicited advice or bad comments. In an interview, her coach briefed that running without expectation and without any pressure on her mind is the only reason for her success and becoming a national champion of the 1500 m race.

Regarding the training given in this time period, the coach mentioned that we also worked on improving their bio mechanism movement of her which made her a more efficient athlete. I trained her with the boys and she also performed better than boys. This national championship has paid off the regret or disappointment of not qualifying for the Tokyo Games.

Telling his success story, she said that at the training center there was a cook who also does massage to any injured athlete, who was a miracle worker there. She further said having a national record has now healed all her pain of difficult past.