No evidence that staying longer would have made any difference in Afghanistan: Antony Blinken

By – Rhytham Jain

US secretary of state Antony Blinken defended Joe Biden’s decision of the administration to withdraw troops from the land of Afghanistan which resulted in the recapture of the Taliban and collapse of US-supported democratically elected regime.  President Joe Biden already announced of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in April month which led to the end of the country’s longest-ever war.  The Taliban already seized powers on 15 August two weeks before the date of the complete withdrawal of US troops. Blinken told lawmakers during a hearing on Afghanistan that there was no response or evidence that staying longer would make any more resilient or self-sustaining or it will help the government of Afghanistan to survive more. If the last 2 decades cannot do many profitable things in Afghanistan so it will be useless to spend more years there for their security and support.

He we will follow the decisions of our predecessors of supporting Afghanistan it would need more US army and forces in Afghanistan in order to defend ourselves and prevent Taliban takeover. After the decision of the President to take back the forces from Afghanistan, I was in constant contact with all allies of the US, said Blinken. After the announcement of the US army withdrawal, NATO immediately and unanimously embraced it.

He said that the US will continue to help Americans and Afghanis to whom the US has a special commitment. There will be no deadline for this mission. He further added that the US believes in counter-terrorism. The Taliban has committed to preventing the terrorist groups from using Afghanistan as a base for further operations which can threaten the US or its allies. The US will hold the Taliban accountable for all that. The US will always monitor threats by them.

The US will always continue its intensive diplomacy with all of its allies and supportive partners. Now the US can only expect from the Taliban that they will ensure freedom to travel, ensure the security of their natives, make good on its counter-terrorism commitment, human rights will not be violated, women will remain secure and safe there. The legitimacy and support from foreign countries will depend on its internal conduct and peace in its country.