World’s first 2 test-tube babies to join hands to seek recognition for IVF pioneer in Kolkata

By Khan Ahmad Darvesh

In October, the two first IVF babies in the world (Louis Brown in London and Durga in Mumbai) will share the noble day of purpose in Kolkata. The two women were born 67 days apart in 1978 and will be part of a post-mortem honor campaign (Bharat Ratna or Padma Bibshan) worthy of IVF pioneer Subhashum Kopadiyai.

This is Brown’s virgin trip to India. He will meet Kanupria Agarwal for the first time, also known as Durga. But the historic opportunity is for two 43-year-old men to support the Crusades together, to bring justice to the forgotten scientists, especially for them to create one of them. Therefore, it has greater significance.

The event will be launched this Saturday by the Birth Incentive Foundation, the Indian Assisted Reproductive Technology Association (ISAR) and the Academy of Clinical Embryonic Scientists (ACE) in the city to witness who are intellectuals and who are in the city.

Durga was named by Mukopadai to keep her identity secret. She was born on October 3, 1978. Brown scientist Robert G Edwards was regarded as the father of IVF and won the Nobel Prize, but Mucopadiyai faced humiliation. Government investigation in December 1978. On June 19, 1981, India’s first IVF architect committed suicide in his home in Kolkata.

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