North Korean troops preparing for military parade: Reports

By Khan Ahmad Darvesh

According to two organizations tracking North Korea, North Korean troops were found in commercial satellite images to prepare for a possible military parade.

The possible date of such incidents has yet to be determined, but North Korea used the recent military parade to showcase new military equipment, including large ballistic missiles.

“Large military parades generally start 12 months (sometimes longer) in advance,” the US-based 38 North project said Thursday in a tweet, citing a satellite photo showing Pyongyang Mir im The formation. of troops on the ground parade training.

This may herald the next military parade in October, as seen last year, the organization added.

At that military parade, leader Kim Jong-un demonstrated an unprecedented ICBM before dawn and demonstrated the country’s long-range weapons for the first time in two years.

Another night military parade was held in January.

Negotiations over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile arsenals have stalled in recent years. The administration of US President Joe Biden has stated that it will explore the denuclearization of North Korea through diplomatic means, but has shown no willingness to relax sanctions.

The Seoul-based organization NK Pro stated in a report Thursday that “North Korea has used military parades to strengthen internal resolve and showcase its latest weapons development to the world.”

NK Pro reported that satellite images showed training in a military parade. On Monday, there appeared to be dozens of military trucks and at least 14 groups of about 300 soldiers in the field, with the army reappearing in footage that began Wednesday. The report stated that “because of the commercial availability of daily satellite imagery in recent years, the combination of troop training and complete parking lots only appeared before the military parade.”

North Korea’s upcoming holidays include the Founding of the People’s Republic of China on September 9 and October The anniversary of the founding of the ruling party on the 10th.

North Korea may also wish to commemorate October 4. NK Pro said that Kim Jong Il will celebrate the 10th anniversary of becoming the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces on the 8th.