Irish FA agrees equal pay deal for men’s and women’s teams

By Khan Ahmad Darvesh

The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) praised “an innovative agreement for Irish sports” on Monday, after an agreement was reached for male and female football players in the Republic or Ireland to have the same salary as international players.

As part of the deal, the men’s team agreed to reduce their match quota with FAI and increase the player’s salary by matching the contribution.

“The Irish Football Association is proud to announce that in a groundbreaking agreement for Irish sports, players representing the Republic of Ireland’s senior international men’s and women’s teams will receive the same international service match rate, effective immediately,” FAI said in a statement Zhong said.

Other countries such as England, Brazil, Australia, Norway and New Zealand have publicly pledged to pay the same fees to male and female players in order to win higher caps.

“This is a good day for Irish football,” said Katie McCabe, captain of the Irish women’s team.

“We have taken a big step forward with this agreement, showing the world what can be achieved through unity, because we provide equal opportunities for international male and female players.”

Everton defender Simos Coleman said the Irish men’s team is happy to play their part to ensure a deal is reached.

“As players, we are happy to do everything we can to ensure that our international players are treated fairly and fairly, and we remain fully committed to doing our best to achieve this goal together,” Coleman said.

FAI stated that international players in September will immediately start with the same pay for the same job and have also achieved “equal treatment” in tournament qualification bonuses.