The new chapter of engagement with Afghanistan has begun: US department of state spokesperson Ned Price

By – Mudit Mohan Sharma

WASHINGTON: once foreign forces terminated their withdrawal from Kabul, the united states aforementioned they’d entered a “new chapter” of engagement with Afghanistan. The united states completed the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan on August 30, ending one in all its longest wars. Within a few weeks, America and Coalition forces evacuated over 123,000 civilians from Afghanistan, and simply over vi,000 of them were American voters. “And our work continues, as you detected from the secretary (Anthony Blinken). a replacement chapter of America’s engagement with the Asian nation has begun.” u. s. Department of State interpreter Ned value he aforementioned at a news conference. The price aforementioned u. s. can still facilitate safe travel for folks outside of Afghanistan, together with doing everything potential to support the reopening of the Kabul flying field. “Wear centered and clear-eyed as we enter this new chapter with Afghanistan,” he added. Price aforementioned the united states can manage its diplomacy for the approach forward with Afghanistan through Doha. When America and allied forces completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United Nations security council Mon, requiring the Taleban to honor your commitment to allow to leave to depart Afghanistan freely. “And yesterday, the UNSC passed a resolution, a resolution that enshrines that responsibility, so laying the groundwork for another mechanism to carry the Taliban responsible if they are doing not comply, “he said. State Department spokesperson. The u. s. has been up-to-date with Americans still on the bottom in Afghanistan and provided them with info on a way to stay up-to-date when the withdrawal of us troops, he added. “We have already contacted Americans in the Asian nation who selected to stay there or World Health Organization can not be exhausted,” the price aforementioned. He aforementioned nearly a hundred Americans stay in Afghanistan and Washington can still be in contact with them whereas exploring choices for his or her evacuation. “We are exploring all possible options to induce any to get who needs to depart the country out of the country,” value aforementioned.