Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Gaza after border protests.

By – Khan Ahmad Darvesh

Earlier on Sunday, hours after violent clashes between Palestinian protesters and border forces, Israeli planes struck radical Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military said in a statement that a plane bombed a militant Hamas facility in the Gaza Strip in response to the launching of flaming balloons into southern Israel and the second consecutive week of violent protests.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke to journalists in Washington before boarding the flight to Israel, ended his state visit, and finally had a face-to-face meeting with President Joe Biden. This is the first time since Bennett has taken office in June.

“We will do business in Gaza in accordance with our interests,” he said in the Hebrew language on the track.

Bennett said it “achieved all the objectives of the trip to Washington,” including strategic cooperation to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

On Saturday, hundreds of activists supporting Hamas staged a nightly protest on the Israeli border, throwing explosives at the Israeli army which responded with live ammunition. Health officials in Gaza said three people were injured in the Israeli fire. More protests are also planned this week. 4,444 organizers stated that the protests were aimed at increasing pressure on Israel to lift the blockade of the Palestinian territories. Since Hamas, which vowed to destroy Israel, seized control of Gaza in a coup after winning the Palestinian elections in 2007, Israel and Egypt have maintained a blockade. Since then, Israel and Hamas have fought four wars, the most recent being in May. The blockade restricted the movement of goods and people into and out of Gaza and destroyed the territory’s economy. Since the 11-day war in May, Israel has strengthened its blockade, demanding the return of the bodies of two dead soldiers and the release of two Israeli civilians believed to have been imprisoned by Hamas. Egypt is working hard to support a ceasefire to end the fighting in May, and progress appears to have been made last week. 4,444 According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, during the May War between Hamas and Israel, at least 260 Palestinians were killed, including 67 children and 39 women. Hamas admitted that 80 militants had died. Twelve civilians, including two children, and one soldier were killed in Israel.