US Claims Overnight Drone strike killed ISIS Planner

By Khan Ahmad Darvesh

Following the US drone strike, Western forces responsible for the Afghan airlift were preparing for more attacks on Saturday, apparently killing an Islamic State “planner” two days after the Islamic State claimed a deadly explosion. outside Kabul airport. “

The Islamic State of Afghanistan affiliate claimed that of the 92 people killed in Thursday’s suicide bombing, 13 were US soldiers. This was the deadliest incident in Afghanistan for the US military in a decade.

“The first sign is that we killed the target. We know there were no civilian casualties, “the US military said in a statement, referring to a nighttime drone attack.

US Central Command stated that the attack occurred in Nangarhar province, east of Kabul, which borders Pakistan. He did not specify whether the target was related to the attack on the airport.

The White House stated that the next few days may be the most dangerous in the U.S. evacuation. The Pentagon stated that it has evacuated about 111,000 people from Afghanistan in the past two weeks. After the bombing, there was a “specific and credible” threat to the airport.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul warned Americans to avoid going to Kabul Airport due to security threats and stated that people at its door should leave immediately.

The United States and Allied forces are racing to complete the evacuation of their citizens and vulnerable Afghans, and after the United States has been stationed there for 20 years, withdraw from Afghanistan before the Tuesday deadline set by President Joe Biden out. 4,444 Although thousands of people have been evacuated, far more people cannot leave. Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15, 4,444 people have gathered outside the airport to try to board the evacuation flight, though Taliban guards on Friday prevented people from approaching.

Biden previously said he had directed the Pentagon to plan how to fight ISISK, and Islamic State affiliates claimed responsibility for Thursday’s bombing.

The Islamic State of Afghanistan affiliate, known as the Islamic State of Khorasan (ISISK) from the region’s old name, appeared in eastern Afghanistan in 2014 and later moved to other regions, especially north.

 The organization is an enemy of the Islamic Taliban and the West. The Pentagon stated that Thursday’s attack was carried out by a suicide bomber at the airport gate, not the two mentioned above.

“Of course we are prepared and look forward to future attempts,” Kirby told reporters in Washington. “We are monitoring these threats, very, very specific, almost in real-time.”