Supreme Court Issues Notice On Plea For Uniform Pay & Service Conditions For High Court Employees

By – Khan Ahmad Darvesh

On Friday, the Supreme Court issued a notice in a petition seeking instructions to review and establish an appropriate salary structure and LP salary for Supreme Court employees across India.

The court composed of Judges AM Khanwilkar and Judge Sanjiv Khanna issued the order while hearing the request, which also sought to establish a permanent mechanism to review the salary and conditions of service and current working conditions of high court employees across India.

The request led by the All India High Court Employees Federation has sought instructions to provide a unified or comparable salary structure/basic salary scale, salary, etc. And other working conditions of members of the High Court.

The members of the petition association claimed that their salary scales and salaries were different, and there was discrimination in determining their wages, benefits, and working conditions.

In addition, the petitioner has urged the courts to refer the cases of high court employees across India to Judge P. Venkatarama Reddi or any other committee, as it can be considered t.

The petition made by attorney Mayuri Raghuvanshi has sought the court’s instructions to review and recommend a functional appointment to senior court positions based on job content and to simplify/modify cadre structure (if any).

“The salary scale determined by the state or central government for its employees is applicable to the personnel of the Supreme Court, although the nature of the functions carried out by the personnel of the Supreme Court is different from the nature of the functions carried out by the personnel of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court. On the one hand, this has also led to differences in salaries and other conditions of service for Supreme Court employees. ” the defense raised objections.

The judge seat will hear the case next on October 7, 2021.

Case Name: Supreme Court Employees Federation of India v. Unions of India and Ors.