Death, Prison Or 2022 Win: Brazil President’s “3 Alternatives” For Future

By Nandini Chaturvedi

Jair Bolsonaro’s remarks come as he has been questioning Brazil’s electronic voting system and threatened not to accept the results of next year’s presidential election.

Brasilia: Brazilian extreme right President Jair Bolsonaro on Saturday said he sees three options for his future: winning the 2022 official decisions, demise or jail.

“I have three options for my future: being captured, killed or triumph,” he said, in comments to a gathering of outreaching pioneers. Bolsonaro later added that the primary choice is out of inquiry. “No man on Earth will undermine me.”

Bolsonaro’s comments come as he has been scrutinising Brazil’s electronic democratic framework and compromised not to acknowledge the consequences of the following year’s official political race. He has been requiring the reception of printed receipts, saying that electronic voting forms are defenceless against extortion. Bolsonaro trails previous liberal President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in many surveys.

In the gathering with outreaching pioneers, Bolsonaro again condemned Brazil’s discretionary court. “We have a president who neither longings nor incites a crack, yet everything has a cutoff throughout everyday life. I can’t keep on living with this,” he said. The top of Brazil’s electing court, the TSE, on Wednesday said there is no issue with the electronic democratic framework, calling a conversation to take on printed voting forms “a misuse of core interest.”

Bolsonaro additionally welcomed fervent pioneers to appear at the arranged September 7 cross country walks to help him. Brazil’s enormous fervent democratic coalition was essential to Bolsonaro’s 2018 political race triumph.

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