Video of Neeraj Chopra taking back javelin from Arshad Nadeem goes viral, fans question Pakistan athlete’s behavior

By – Nandini Chaturvedi

Tokyo Olympics gold medallist Neeraj Chopra may have won hearts with his exhibition at the masterpiece occasion, however film from minutes paving the way to the finals of the opposition show Neeraj keeping watch for his spear.

The video doing the rounds on friendly video further shows the Indian competitor recognizing his spear in the possession of Pakistan competitor Arshad Nadeem and afterward surging towards him to take it back before his first endeavor on a noteworthy evening. While the new development driving into the toss didn’t hamper Neeraj’s possibilities of winning the gold, many fans scrutinized the rationale behind Nadeem picking “somebody” else’s the lance. In this video, Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem discovered in the act with #NeerajChpora’s Javelin. For what reason would anyone pick another person’s Javelin not long before the toss? What was he in any event, thinking?” one of the clients tweeted.

Another client hammered Arshad Nadeem for his “amateurish” conduct. Neeraj tossed 87.02 meters in his first endeavor however bettered his record in the second article with a distance of 87.58m in the uber occasion to pick the gold. The Indian competitor said his emphasis stayed on his preparation regardless of the danger presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the rigid conventions that were set up.

“Current occasions are a long way from typical however everybody needs to go through it (COVID-19 tests) so I feel it has now turned into a piece of our life. Spotlight stays on preparing yet needs to follow all insurances,” Neeraj advised ANI subsequent to get back to India. Inquired as to whether his presentation during capability helped his certainty further as he qualified with his first hurl itself, the competitor said one can’t underestimate things in sports.

“Consistently is unique, as in some cases a competitor who doesn’t toss well in qualifying adjusts, does well in the last. In the last everybody gives 100%. I just had as a primary concern that I would put forth a valiant effort and I did,” Neeraj said.