Talibs Denying ISIS Links = Pak Denial On Quetta Shura’: Amrullah Saleh

By – Kanvi Gupta

Afghanistan’s self-proclaimed President and Caretaker Amrullah Saleh on Friday said that the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (IS-K) has links with the Taliban and the Haqqani network, particularly the ones operating in Kabul. He said that the denial of the Taliban on its link with ISIS is just similar to Pakistan’s denial on Quetta Shura. He said that the Taliban has well learned how to deny his master. He also told that he is having little evidence which shows and confirms the link of the Taliban with ISIS. Evidence shows that IS-K cells have their roots in the Talibs & Haqqani network particularly the ones operating in Kabul.

Earlier he blamed Pakistan for setting up terrorist factories and agencies which provided explosives materials to the Taliban in order to create chaos in Afghanistan. He called Quetta Shura nothing else and blamed that it as the title for the Pakistani military to implement its plans.

ISIS has accepted that the attack outside Kabul Airport on Thursday was been done by them.

Amaq News Agency shared the message in which the group claimed that the blast outside the airport killed and wounded around 160 people and there was a photo of a man who is considered to be a suicide bomber.

Afghan health officials gave varying estimates of the death rate and wounded at the international airport in Kabul. The capital said that at least 30 to more than 60 were dead, and from 120 to 140 were wounded. While the Taliban spokesman cited that at least 13 civilians were been killed and 60 were wounded as reported by The New York Times.

The first blast was reported at the Abbey Gate in Kabul airport while the second one was near the Baron Hotel.

US President Joe Biden said that the United States has the reason to believe that the leaders of the Islamic State-Khorasan terror group are behind the attacks at the Kabul airport.

Joe Biden said that the IS-K has planned complex attacks against US forces and others in Afghanistan after they were released from prisons during the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.