Non- Issuance of ‘Fully Vaccinated Certificate’ after receiving both the doses: Delhi HC seeks response


An application by a practising attorney seeking instructions on the issuing of a final vaccination certificate to him was dismissed by the Delhi High Court last week. The Central government was given notice of the dismissal (Visheshwar Shrivastav v. The Secretary & Ors.)

Justice Rekha Palli has issued a notice to the Ministry of Health and has scheduled a hearing for September 27, 2021, in order to hear the case.

Visheshwar Srivastava, a practising attorney at the Delhi High Court, requested a certificate of COVID-19 immunisation, which he said was required by the court.

The petitioner said that he and his wife were both vaccinated with the Covidshield vaccine at the Max Hospital in Delhi, according to the plea. He was given a certificate indicating that he is partly vaccinated with Covaxin at Bensus Hospital in Dwarka, while his wife got a certificate stating that she was completely vaccinated.

When he called the hotline number listed on the COWIN site, he was routed to an email address that had been provided. The Cowin Portal, however, continues to display his vaccination status as partly vaccinated, even after a formal complaint has been filed, and it has been submitted.

After the recommended 28-day period had expired, the petitioner claims that he and his wife went to Max Hospital for the second dosage of the medication. While his wife received a Final Vaccination Certificate indicating that she had had two doses of Covid Shield vaccine, the petitioner did not get a certificate indicating that he had received a final vaccination. According to the petition, he is listed as ‘partially vaccinated’ on the Cowin site, which indicates that his second dosage of Covisheild is due.

Justice Rekha Palli, a single-judge, has served notice on the Health Ministry and scheduled a hearing for September 27, 2021, in order to resolve the case.

“If there is a counter-affidavit, it must be submitted within ten days. It is necessary that a rejoinder be submitted within one week of the original filing “The Court made the decision.

Ajay Digpaul, Senior Standing Counsel of the Centre, received the notice on the Centre’s behalf.

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