Supreme Court has granted Extension of Interim Order of Status Quo to Gujarat government

By Anupam Singh Sengar

The Supreme Court on 24th August has passed an order proclaiming that they are going to extend the interim orders which have directed the state of Gujarat to maintain status Quo in the matter relating to the eviction of more than 10,000 slum dwellers, till 1 September. This decision was taken by the bench of Supreme Court comprising of Justice AM Khanwilar and Justice Sanjiv Khana. In the background of this case the state of Gujarat has been indulged in destruction or demolition of about 10000 jhuggis or the poor residential areas to clean the area as they have passed the order to demolish the 10,000 houses in the Gujarat territories. The senior council Advocate Colin Gonslaves took this matter to represent in the Supreme Court and was representing the poor people’s whose houses were getting demolished. In series of different arguments in front of the Supreme Court he pleaded before the court that this is a very serious matter than require attention. This also drew the courts attention to the fact that the state government of Gujarat has already given the order to demolish the houses on 19th august and in pursuant to that order the work for demolition can start very soon. By dragging the court attention to this point he reflected the need for the order. Yesterday viewing to this fact the court granted an interim order to maintain status quo but was not fully decided now the court has finally given the absolute orders that this interim order requiring maintenance of status quo would go on till 1 September so that the case could be heard on the just basis. By this order the court has taken a great step in protection of the demolition of the poor houses of about 10,000 people who were residing in the area from a very long time.