Couldn’t Even Collect Fistful Of Soil: Afghan’s 1st Non-Muslim Woman MP

-By Nandini Chaturvedi

Anarkali Kaur Honaryar, a dental specialist, supported the reason for ladies in the exceptionally male-centric culture of Afghanistan and drove lobbies for the privileges of the weak networks.

New Delhi: Afghanistan’s first non-Muslim lady MP Anarkali Kaur Honaryar never figured she would need to leave her country. Be that as it may, as the Taliban cleared into Kabul, she needed to take flight not getting a risk to try and gather a modest bunch of the dirt as a memory of her homeland.

Honaryar, 36, a dental specialist, advocated the reason for ladies in the exceptional man-centric culture of Afghanistan and drove lobbies for the privileges of the weak networks. She longed for a day to day existence in a reformist and vote based Afghanistan.

 Honaryar actually trusts that Afghanistan gets an administration that ensures the increases made over the most recent 20 years. Honaryar and her family arrived in India in an Indian Air Force’s C-17 vehicle aeroplane on Sunday morning in the midst of a decaying circumstance in her nation after the arrival of the Taliban.  She is defeated with feelings at the air terminal reasoning whether she will actually want to get back, ever.  Gotten some information about her companions and colleagues who are as yet stuck in the contention torn country, she says “We made a decent attempt to stay away from a circumstance where we need to leave our country.” Honaryar says the recollections that she needs to keep are of the affection she got in Afghanistan.

Among her recorded, talks is a promise that Honaryar took – not to work for a Taliban government ever.  “I said a lot of things against the Taliban. My thoughts and standards are totally different. I’m alive and confident. I will keep on working for Afghanistan from Delhi,” she says.  Honaryar feels that what’s to come is capricious for individuals of Afghanistan.  “Individuals are discouraged to such an extent that they are frantically sticking onto planes… as though those are transports that would take them to security,” she said looking into a void.

The one inquiry that inconveniences her the most is the fate of ladies under Taliban rule. “The Taliban said nobody will be hurt. In any case, harmony doesn’t mean peacefulness. Harmony implies that they acknowledge ladies as equivalents and perceive their privileges,” she said