Afghan Paralympians Evacuated And Safe, Says International Paralympic Committee

-By Nandini Chaturvedi

Afghanistan’s two Paralympic competitors have been securely cleared from the country, the International Paralympic Committee said Wednesday, declining to indicate their objective. The two taekwondo competitors, Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli were initially due to address their country at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Be that as it may, with the quick fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the pair were among the many thousands caught and incapable to leave the country. Before the Games started, the IPC affirmed that the competitors would at this point don’t have the option to contend, and the Afghan banner included at Tuesday’s initial service in an emblematic design just, conveyed by a volunteer.

“Endeavors have been made to eliminate them from Afghanistan, they are presently in a protected spot,” IPC representative Craig Spence said Wednesday. “I’m not going to disclose to you where they are on the grounds that this isn’t about sport, this is about human existence and guarding individuals,” Spence said the pair would not be contending at the Games, and their spotlight right now was on their prosperity. “Clearly they’ve experienced an exceptionally horrendous interaction, they’re going through directing and mental assistance,” he told correspondents.  “We are being kept tuned in about their whereabouts and their prosperity.”

Khudadadi, 23, was to be the principal lady at any point to address Afghanistan at the Paralympics and had advanced for help to escape the nation after the Taliban takeover.  Australian telecaster ABC announced that the Paralympians were among a gathering of Afghan competitors emptied to Australia, however, there has been no authority affirmation.