India among aspiring hosts for Olympics in 2036 and beyond: IOC chief

By – Kanvi Gupta

Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee President has said that India is one of among several countries who are interested in hosting the Olympics in 2036, 2040 and even beyond it. The various aspiring hosts include Indonesia, Germany, India, and Qatar which is said by Bach in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. He also told that there are others who have also publicly expressed their interest in hosting the Games like Russia, whose athletes have spent the past three Olympics with their country under a partial or full ban for doping. Recently few days before it was announced that the city of Brisbane will be hosting the 2032 summer Olympics.

Bach was re-elected this year only for four more years as the International Olympics Committee chief.

Indian Olympic Association’s Secretary General Rajeev Mehta confirmed to PTI that their indeed had shown interest in hosting the showpiece event too.

Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia a few months ago said that they would be making all the efforts to improve the infrastructure of Delhi so that in 2048 games can be held there and 100 years of independence can be celebrated there.

India had also shown interest in hosting 2032 Olympics as part of a long-term hosting strategy that also included the 2030 Asian Games and the 2026 Youth Olympics Games. The 2030 and 2034 Asian Games were awarded to Qatar and Riyadh in December.

Many countries want to host the Olympics because hosting Olympic games are considered to be prestigious and full of glory for developed nations. The mushrooming costs and controversies of hosting the Games have driven down, to nearly zero, because of the number of potential host cities. It gives a burden to the economy but also increases tourism and surplus money from broadcasting fees. When South Korea received national pride to host Winter Olympics then all the people came out on the street for celebration. But it involves the shifting of lots of people. This has been evident in Rio De Janeiro where more than 100,000 people were forced to move out of their houses to shift at some other place to build an Olympic Village.