G7 demands Taliban guarantee Afghans safe passage after August 31

By- Kanvi Gupta

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that G7 has agreed to a plan that they will deal with the Taliban under their number one condition that Taliban should allow safe passage to Afghans who want to leave the country even after the deadline of August 31.

Mr. Johnson said the “huge leverage” which the G7 could wield over the Taliban after it seized control of the country just over a week ago included withholding substantial funds.

He said that the Taliban cannot lurch back to become the breeding ground of terror. Taliban cannot make Afghanistan a narco-state, i.e., a country whose economy is mainly dependent on the trading of illegal commodities like drugs, etc. He said that all girls up to 18 years of age have the right to education which the Taliban cannot take from them. He said that he is confident that they can evacuate thousands of more people from Afghanistan but also agreed that the situation at the airport is not getting better at all.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor told reporters after the virtual meeting of all the leaders that there were intensive discussions on whether a civilian-operated airport could be used after that deadline. The UK who chaired the meeting said that they will urge Mr. Biden to extend his August 31 deadline to pull out American forces from Afghanistan. However, US Media reported that Joe Biden has decided to stick to the deadline of August 31 to pull out his soldiers from Afghanistan.

Under Operation Devi Shakti, India has evacuated more than 800 people from Afghanistan till now. India on Tuesday gave the name to its operation to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan to India from war-torn Afghanistan to Operation Devi Shakti.

External affairs minister Mr. S Jaishankar gave this name and called it ‘Operation Devi Shakti’ and saluted the efforts of the Indian Air Force and Air India. Our External Affairs Minister a few days back said that the Taliban should allow people of other countries living in Afghanistan to leave the country if they want to do so. He also said that the Taliban should take care of and provide rights of women to each female.