Xiaomi is dropping its ‘Mi’ branding starting with Xiaomi Mix 4: Reports – Gadgets 360

By Khan Ahmad Darvesh

It is reported that Xiaomi will be dropping its ‘Mi’ branding from its products and will simply use Xiaomi. Previously, Xiaomi used ‘Mi’ branding to all of its products after their exact brand name. It is decided that this change in branding began with the company’s latest flagship smartphone, known as Xiaomi Mix 4 which was released in China on the 10th of August, 2021. The Mi branding has been around for 10 years when the first Mi branded smartphone launched known as Mi Mix 1 in August 2011.

The change became clear with the recently released flagship smartphone known as  Mix 4, which was named Xiaomi Mix 4, instead of Mi Mix 4 unlike the previous smartphones such as Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 3, etc.

A recent report by XDA developers citing a company representative has said that all its upcoming products will release with the branding of Xiaomi instead of ‘Mi’. However, things are a little unclear right now as the latest tablet series from Xiaomi is still called the Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 pro. (as per google translation).

Thus, it is doubtful whether Xiaomi has decided to drop the Mi branding for all of its products or just smartphones. It is also inexact that this change will be implemented in the Indian market or not. Recently, a report by research firm Counterpoint has revealed that Xiaomi has become the world’s best smartphone brand for the first time in June 2021.

The sale of products of Xiaomi has been increased by 26 per cent as compared to May, and it has occupied a 17.1 per cent market share globally. Another report by Strategy Analytics reveals that Xiaomi has topped 5g smartphone shipments globally in the second quarter of 2021.