Olympic medalist Ravi Dahiya: I’m eyeing world wrestling championship gold medal now

By- Kanvi Gupta

Tokyo Olympics Silver Medalist Ravi Dahiya during his visit to Jammu said that now he is eyeing the gold medal in World Wrestling Championships which are scheduled to be held in the upcoming month.

Ravi Dahiya who is also known as Ravi Kumar is an Indian freestyle wrestler who represents India in international wrestling events and championships. In 2019, he won a bronze medal in World Wrestling Championships under the 57 kg category.

He visited Jammu to meet his motivator, Mr. Vikrant Mahajan as a token of gratitude. Ravi Dahiya is associated with him a long time back. He said that he was nowhere two and a half years ago. In 2019, Vikrant started a campaign called the Goalete Program to motivate the Indian athletes for the 2019 Tokyo Olympics. Dahiya also told that earlier his motive was to only qualify for the Olympics but after meeting Vikrant, he changed his goal to win a gold medal in Olympics.

He talked to Vikrant every day and also had a call with him on the final matchday. Dahiya called him first after winning the medal. He said that he genuinely believes that the person who has played the most pivotal role in helping him to win the medal is Vikrant. He said that he wanted to meet him earlier but he is busy in felicitation ceremonies every day. He has to go to one or the other functions and could not take out time from his busy schedule.

Replying to the questions asked to him about his upcoming plans, Dahiya told him that he will be preparing for the World Wrestling Championships which are going to be held in Oslo, Norway from October 2-10. He said that he’ll start its preparation from next month and he wants to win a gold medal in any case.

During his talk, he also gave tips to players of all fields to inbuild in them a calm attitude. He said that your calm attitude in front of your opponent will make him restless and he will be forced to make fault and wrong moves which can give you lots of advantages. He said that a strong feeling of winning should also be there in the player’s mind which will also help him to focus and win.