China may fill a financial vacuum in Afghanistan

By Khan Ahmad Darvesh

Beijing: China indicated on Monday that it would provide financial support to Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. China has said that it will play a positive role in helping the war-torn country, amid the suspension of financial aid by various countries to Kabul after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin on Monday targeted the US, saying “The US is the main culprit for the Afghan crisis and cannot leave this situation without doing something to rebuild the US-Afghanistan.”

While living in exile, the head of Afghanistan‘s Central Bank has said that due to the halt of US aid for financial aid, the Taliban will move to China and Pakistan. When asked about this statement, Wenbin said, “I want to say very clearly that America is the main culprit and the biggest external factor for the Afghan issue. He cannot go like this without doing anything after pushing the country into trouble.”

Wenbin said that China has always adopted a friendly nature towards Afghanistan and has been providing substantial assistance to Afghanistan for socio-economic development. “We hope that the chaos and war within the country will end soon and it can start the economic system at the earliest,” he said. China will also play a positive role in capacity building, peace, reconstruction, and improving people’s livelihood situation.

The US which has spent $1 trillion into Afghanistan during the span of 20 years, has moved to block the access to Taliban of Afghanistan’s $9.4 billion in international reserves. The IMF has also suspended plans of distributing over $400 million for emergency reserves to the country.