Combat in battle: Kohli vs. Anderson-the ultimate game

By – Harsh Singh

Season three of a high-profile cricket contention is loading in opposition to the backdrop of Olympics fervour. Virat Kohli vs. James Anderson is a battle in battle, the result of which is likely to affect the outcome of the five-round India-England test series that started at Trent Bridge on Wednesday.

When Anderson fired Kohli for entertainment in the first round of tests in England in 2014, mental health issues were not prevalent in sports. A total of 134 runs on the five tests was the lowest record in history for Kohli, and he delivered a speech late. About how his thoughts bleed during and after the tour.

“I went through a phase in my career when it was the end of the world. I just don’t know what to do, what to tell others, how to talk and communicate.” Kohli fights mentally like a lone ranger, succumbing Under pressure and return strongly. Four years later, he played 593 runs in England in five games, including two hundred and three and a half centuries. He also resumed the battle between the two great men. India lost by 3-1 in the series in 2014, and Kohli’s loss was one of the reasons for the loss.

In 2018, although the scoreboard did not reflect the real situation, despite Kohli’s goal, India fell to 4-1. The most exciting game of the game, season 3 started with the green of Trent Bridge. When asked about his attitude towards Anderson on the show, the Indian captain was very close. “I will only strike. Problems will certainly arise, but we have studied enough.” If he is now 32 years old, he has 7,547 test runs and 27 centuries.

However, the last of these centuries was against Bangladesh in Kolkata in November 2019. The great Man from Burnley England’s most successful bowler, with 617 wickets, is passionate about the revival of the tournament. “I am very happy to play with him again. You always want to challenge yourself against the best players in the world. He is absolutely ready. As a” his team, he is always a huge obstacle. “This will be a huge challenge,” Anderson said at a pre-match press conference.